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Light show to be shown on the facades of Palace Square

Starting on December 28th, a light show will be shown on the facades of the buildings on Palace Square up until January 7th.

The awesome light show will be shown on the most popular square in St. Petersburg, right in the heart of the city. The show will reflect the New Year and Christmas colors of the season and will be all in a bright presentation. The show will also display various holiday traditions from different countries around the world.

The show will be presented every day at 18:00 on the facade of the General Staff Building, as well as the other facades on Palace Square. The story is inspired by Christmas traditions of the peoples of the world.

Aeroflot also had a hand in this light show with their "New Year Trip," taking the honor of being shown on the facades of Palace Square, allowing St. Petersburg residents to find themselves in distant countries and feel the atmosphere of magic.

Where: Palace square

When: December 28 - January 7th at 18:00.