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Five thousand St. Petersburg residents will read aloud Bergholz poems at Palace Square

Five thousand people in honor of the day will read “We do not come off of you...” (Russian: "Нам от тебя не оторваться...") by Olga Bergholz, on the anniversary of the complete removal of the blockade of Leningrad on January 27. As part of the memorial flash mob, anyone can join by just learning the verse.

This day will be full of patriotic commemorations. One of these events will be a literary flash mob called, "Unconquered Leningrad", in which thousands of St. Petersburg residents, at least 5,000 residents, will read aloud in chorus the famous works written by the Leningrad poetess Olga Bergholz. There will also be a commemorative reading of People's Artist of the Russian Federation, director of the museum-monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral" Nikolai Burov.

Anyone can join as long as you can learn the verse "We do not come off of you..." and come to the main square of the city by 19:00.

Guests, in addition to the mass reading of poems, can expect an exhibition of military equipment of the Great Patriotic War, the military-historical reconstruction of the siege of Leningrad with the re-establishment of fixed positions and photos of the besieged city. The whole event will be finished with a massive firework display.

Where: Palace Square

When: January 27, starting at 19:00

Price: Free