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Airship during the defense of Leningrad rise into the sky over St. Petersburg

Huge airships were guarding the sky over the besieged Leningrad, without giving any opportunity for enemy aircraft to attack, and thus protecting the citizens of precision bombing. On January 27, in memory of the days of the blockade, several World War II airships will be hovering over St. Petersburg.

"Sky over Leningrad" is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the full lifting of the blockade and help citizens to imagine the city as it was on those difficult days, because these airships saved lives as well as many of the important and historical landmarks that are still up today.

As part of the commemorative event, which will begin at 16:00, groups of people will march on the streets of St. Petersburg with models of the defensive airships, and when they reach Palace Square, balloons will be launched in the sky.