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St. Petersburg Residents To Erect Sculptures From Snow, Ice And Sand

On May 4th at the Museum of Artillery, under the guidance of experienced sculptors, everyone can participate in the creation of the exhibition of sculptures made of sand, ice and even snow, which will be dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

As per the press service of the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, on May 4 at the museum under the open sky will unfold an extraordinary interactive exhibition where sculptors will erect sand, snow and even ice sculptures, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The exposition will be divided into two sections. The first one, dubbed "Hero of the family album", welcomes everyone to participate (under the guidance of professional sculptors) in the construction of a panorama of sandy tracks of photographs from family albums and archival materials.

The second part of the exhibition will have only an international team of professional sculptors. It will be called "War and Peace, the strength of the truth. " Near the complex "Topol", in the left wing of the museum, will be erected a five-meter sculpture in which will include battle scenes from the history of Russia, as well as some of the exhibits from the museum collection. This sculpture will be up until August.